The Refillery Storehouse

The Hudson Valley's Sustainable Bulk Grocer

Embrace A Sustainable Lifestyle

At The Refillery Storehouse, we’re committed to making sustainable living accessible and enjoyable. Step into a world where conscious choices meet convenience, and join us on a journey towards a greener future.

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Package-Free Bulk Food Grocer
Discover over 250+ non-perishable bulk food items, sold by the ounce or pound in reusable containers. With our package-free approach, you can reduce single-use packaging and minimize waste without compromising on quality or variety.
Sustainable Household Essentials
From eco-friendly cleaning products to reusable kitchenware, find a thoughtfully curated selection of everyday household essentials that prioritize sustainability. Make a positive impact on your home and the environment.
Personal Care for a Greener You
Choose from our collection of ethical personal care items, including natural skincare, low-waste toiletries, and sustainable hygiene essentials. Take care of yourself while reducing plastic waste and supporting eco-friendly brands.
Tap into Local Goodness
Experience our unique tap system, featuring locally crafted beers for carry-out consumption. Savor the flavors of our community while minimizing carbon footprint.
Meet The Founder

Rebecca Lysenko

Growing up in the food retail industry, Rebecca has been immersed in the importance of sustainable practices and mindful consumption. Her passion for environmental stewardship and community engagement has driven her to open The Refillery Storehouse. With a deep-rooted understanding of the impact our choices have on the planet, Rebecca aims to inspire and educate our community, fostering a greater awareness of sustainable living. Through The Refillery Storehouse, she envisions creating a space where individuals can access eco-friendly alternatives, discover the joy of package-free shopping, and join a movement towards a more conscious and sustainable lifestyle.

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